Judging Criteria

What we look at?

Involvement of the promoters of the enterprise plays a crucial role in understanding the core values of the organization. While we assess the enterprise across various metrics, some of them include:

  1. Team background and time commitment to the enterprise
  2. Motivation and drive of the team to succeed reflected in their work ethics
  3. Validation of technology (if applicable) and business by experts in the field
  4. Clarity of business and information communicated
  5. Potential to scale and growth plans
Additional information that we like to hear:
  1. Revenue model depends on the differentiated innovations
  2. Production & Sales information. Make sure you emphasize on the ‘repeat orders’ (if any)
  3. Endorsement of the product and proof of its ‘sellability’
  4. Follow compliance and regulatory norms as prescribed by the authorities and also maintain high standards of corporate governance and consumer protection