• In its very first edition, PRAISE Program focused on accelerating Social Enterprises at India’s biggest startup growth hub and helping these enterprises secure funding from SIDBI and renowned Impact Investors

Entrepreneurs have a mind-set that sees the possibilities rather than the problems created by change.

J Gregory Dees

91springboard, GIZ and SIDBI hopes to recognize & support Social Enterprises in India, while filling-up a gap in the responsible financing ecosystem, igniting investments in the sector and creating meaningful outcomes for the enterprises.

Our definition of social enterprise.

While there is no one definition, according to us, Social Enterprises are business organisations whose business model aims to provide solutions to alleviate long standing problems and issues relating to the poor and underserved sections of the society. Some of the sectors that Social Enterprises work in include Agriculture and Rural Development, Financial Inclusion, Technology, Education and Vocational Training, Low-cost Healthcare Delivery, Water and Sanitation, Clean Energy, Affordable Housing, Rural Tourism, and other sectors that aim to create multiple bottom line returns.

For social enterprises to become more attractive to the impact investors there is a need to “build” markets – to improve industry infrastructure, to remove market barriers and more critically to build capacities of social enterprises themselves to help them validate and refine their business models. PRAISE sincerely hopes to achieve this and more.

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